Mehrwert durch Innovation

In times of ecology-minded and resource-conserving thinking also in industrial applications is a need for solutions to optimize and save chemicals and energy. We develop and implement for you:

- Chemical-free monitoring and optimization of water softening processes 
- Direct control of central control valves of softeners by water hardness monitoring device
- Monitoring and optimization of processes in steam boiler plants
- Optimization of the use of chemicals in open cooling and process circuit
- Special solutions and customized development in the field of industrial water Treatment

OFS newest product – µdox handheld measuring device

Measurement of dissolved oxygen up to 1ppb resolution

  • fast analysis:
    response time t90 resp. t99 of about 13 s resp. 30 s
  • parallel determination of
    oxygen, pH and redox
  • precise measurement of
    acid capacity and total hardness
  • accurate measurement due to
    monitoring of transient response